Second Issue of Parimpar Magazine!

In this issue of our magazine, we examined the history of toys from ancient times to the present day. We went to the Toy Museum and saw the toys from ancient times. Together with the science calendar, we learned important discoveries and inventions of Astronomy. With Bilge and Kaan, we got to know the culture of Mexico, touched the Göktürk monuments and learned the mysterious story of Göbeklitepe. We have also witnessed the successes of Afife Jale, an important success story. We witnessed the life of Vecihi Hürkuş, which Bilge and Kaan included in this issue in the interview file. We witnessed the development process of phones that we did not drop in our daily lives. In addition, we prepared pages with interesting information, puzzles, games and English activities that our children will learn with fun. Let’s go on a journey to history together!