In terms of value education, historical awareness has a great importance on children. The ability to make comparisons between values ​​that were important to society in the past and today improves the sense of analysis and curiosity. Learning historical events and individuals helps them make inferences. At the same time, knowing that there is a process of development for most objects that he sees and hears around, beyond historical events and individuals; The search for answers to the questions it asks includes children into a permanent learning process through learning through research.
In addition to these, topics such as environmental trips, biographies, historical stories, and different cultures enrich and support the diversity of information. It provides local, national and universal values ​​with the correct history consciousness.
Parimpar History and Child Magazine, which we prepared with this understanding, reaches our children through the control of pedagogues, as it is qualified for all children between the ages of 7 and 12 to have fun while learning.

magazine content
– With the “Science Calendar” section, inventions that have influenced and left a mark on the historical adventure are included.
– With the “From Everyday Life” section, the historical process is transferred by selecting one of the ordinary objects that he sees every day.
– Cultures of other countries are learned with the “Route of Wise” section.
– “Historical Places” is the section where one of the historical riches of our country is introduced.
– “What’s in the Museums?” The relevant museum, which supports a selected topic from the journal, is introduced.
-“Do you know these?” The section includes interesting questions and answers that may be of interest in historical development.
– In the “Success Stories” section, the biography of one of the important names of our country is explained.
– In the “History Street” section, one of the historical stories, epics or legends is included.
– In the “Interview” section, one of the historical names is interviewed in the form of questions and answers.
– In the “Technology” section, the historical development process of the popular-technological tools used today is conveyed.
– In the “English Activity” section, English exercises are done with selected words from all subjects in the journal.
Our Objectives
Our children
– To develop historical awareness,
– Helping them create an identity that suits their needs today and in the future,
– Helping them grow up as versatile, responsible, creative, active citizens,
– To develop values awareness,
– To enable them to use their mental skills such as analytical and critical thinking skills while transferring historical knowledge,
– To get to know themselves, their environment, nation and the world better,
– To enable them to link past and future.