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When it comes to “HISTORY”,unfortunately our children are not given enough attention in our country. History is conveyed by creating heroic stories in the children’s world by creating fictitious dreams; When it comes to date or historical place, it is seen that not being conscious enough.

For these reasons, we first gathered to create products that can combine the concepts of History and Children within the Çanakkale Wars Institute, after studies / trials and studies on small groups. History and Children’s Magazine: PARIMPAR was born like this.

In the History and Children’s Magazine named “PARIMPAR”, which is published every 3 months, care is taken to choose the common points where every subject that will be of interest to children intersect with history.

The magazine, prepared by the History and Child Research Team of our Institute, is very full with the subjects that they have learned, and it is prepared by enriching them with activities they can have fun and under the control of pedagogues.

The chosen historical figure focuses on the subjects he / she can face in the education curriculum or in everyday life.

Let us not forget that the awareness of being a nation should be given to our children at an early age with modern principles and scientific methods, without breaking their ties with everyday life.

“Parimpar is the Turkish Martyrs’ Reconstruction Foundation Economic Enterprise brand prepared by the Gallipoli Campaign Institute History and Children Research Team.”

“All income of Parimpar Magazine is used in line with the objectives and principles of the Turkish Martyrs’ Reconstruction Foundation.”