2020 Spring Issue of Parimpar is With You! (Number 5)

We are with you again in the new issue of Parimpar. Parimpar, our quarterly History and Children’s magazine, has completed one year. Now Parimpar takes its place in social media.

In this issue, we will learn how planes take off for the first time. We will recognize Adile Naşit, the beloved character of Turkish cinema. We will listen to the memories of Atatürk’s spiritual daughter Ülkü Adatepe. We will visit Cappadocia, one of the unique beauties of our country, and get to know Australia closely. We will learn about the change and development of the camera from past to present.

What’s more… Games, puzzles, interesting information and English activities…

In this issue, we also conducted an important research for you. Curious about this research? So let’s say right away: How was the April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children’s Day declared in Turkey?

Come on, let’s take a journey once again into history!

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