Parimpar’s 2020 Winter Issue is With You!

We are with you again in the 4th issue of Parimpar. In this issue, while learning the history of the tractor, we will also recognize the Tractor Museum. We will visit the Dalyan Rock Tombs. Naim Süleymanoğlu in the success story section; In the interview section, there is Seyit Onbaşı. Together we will travel and get to know the Netherlands. We will learn the story of the first Atatürk statue. We will investigate the change and development of radio from past to present. We are again filled with interesting information, puzzles, games, English events and a science calendar. The new issue of Parimpar, which you can not drop from your hands, is with you… We also prepared a new year gift for you in these days when we are nearing 2020. 2020 Kids Games Desk Calendar, which will be with you all year, is our gift with this issue. We wish you all a happy year already. Come on, let’s take a journey once again into history!

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