The best 23 april gift parimpar!

Parimpar, prepared by our institute and just starting its publishing life, took its place at the Wooden Horse Children’s Festival organized annually by Çanakkale Municipality within the scope of 23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day activities. Encountered with great interest from our children and their parents, our magazine will continue to combine the imaginative world of our children with the rich content for children aged 7-12. The historical adventure of the objects that children encounter in their daily life, the introduction of historical places, the transfer of a historical event, the promotion of a country’s cultural heritage, the success story of a scientist, the history of technology, the museum’s introduction, Parimpar History and Child magazine, which contains interesting and useful information, as well as children parents were also very interested.

Parimpar, whose main approach is to convey historical knowledge in a scientific, accurate and fun way to our children who are our future, is prepared under the supervision and consultancy of Child development psychologists as well as academicians of History, Education and Education Sciences. Parimpar was the future of our nation and the caretakers of our republic, the best April 23 gift to our children

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