Parimpar is ready to meet our children!

Parimpar, aiming to make history to our children within the scope of the general publication policies of our institute and to transfer history consciousness towards our children through fun activities, officially started its publication life as of 12.04.2019 with the celebration that we realized with the participation of our technical staff, as well as our education staff consisting of academicians, experts and teachers. Parimpar, prepared as a local periodical by the Institute Research Institute, appeals to the 7-12 age range.

Parimpar’s content, which is prepared within the framework of national education curriculum and psychological attitudes of children between the ages of 7-12 and the evaluations revealed in applied studies, the historical adventure of the objects 7-12 years old children encounter in their daily life, the introduction of historical places, the transfer of a historical event. Introducing the historical cultural heritage of a country, the success story of a scientist, the history of technology, the introduction of the Museum, interesting and useful information are given. It is aimed to reinforce what he learned with puzzles and fun activities and measure his attention. In addition, one of these activities is prepared in English within the scope of language education and acquisition.

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