Children touch the traces of 1915!

Gallipoli Campaiign institute continues to work on the project titled “Touching the Traces of 1915” led by researcher Eda GÜN and Nida ŞAYAN, one of the teachers of Science and Arts Center.

The first program of the project, which aims to provide Çanakkale Science and Arts students with a sense of history, and to establish a connection between national culture, national identity and national history awareness, in the past and present days, was recently held at Çanakkale Science and Arts Center in Gallipoli Campaign Institute Director Gökşen ÖZEN’s “1915 Gallipoli Campaign. was held with his presentation on “Impressions and Memoirs of the Soldiers in Turkey”. The second phase of the project is to visit Çanakkale Hamidiye Bastion under the guidance of Gallipoli Campaign Institute Researcher Eda KARACA on Thursday, December 13, 2018 in order to get information about the history of the geography where the students live. In addition to being able to see and live more closely, to access equipment, weapons, materials and uniforms used in the field of war, it was tried to see written texts and visuals about the reflections of the war on the society. These studies are aimed at collecting applied academic data for history and children’s magazine which will be the publication of our Institute.

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